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    Welcome to Friends of Centre Vale Park

    The aims of the Friends of Centre Vale Park group volunteers are to protect, improve, promote and enhance Centre Vale Park.

    Activities include hands on projects such as woodland management, planting initiatives and path improvements as well as the planning and promotion of projects such as the development of the parks facilities through fundraising and public awareness.

    We help ensure the park is well maintained and raise and monitor any issues that arise with the Local Authority staff who oversee the park.

    We hold monthly meetings to discuss future events and planning, review the effectiveness of past activities and organise work for volunteer days (usually twice per month).

    Please access all the pages within the website using the tabs at the top to discover more about what we do and how you can volunteer, plus details of how you can explore the heritage trail.


    Many thanks to Dominic Stuart, Managing Director at

    STEELTECH KINETIX for repairing our Heritage Trail Leaflet

    box within hours after it was recently vandalised.

    Leaflet Box Repaired


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